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Odds & Ends: “Not Once Ounce Of Quit” Edition

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh doing a very credible (and sincere) job leading the crowd in "I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!" prior to the match.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh doing a very credible (and sincere) job leading the crowd in “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!” prior to the match.

  • Today I was lucky enough to be one of 3,000-4,000 (my estimate) football fans who brazed the blazing summer heat at City Hall Plaza in Boston.  U.S. supporters (and two Belgians that I saw!) were already arriving by noon and warmed up for the big match watching Argentina just barely get by Switzerland (he hit the post!).  If you watched the US-Belgium match you know it was a nervy affair for the Good Guys and that it went into extra time and that there was a point in extra time (2-0 Belgium) that no one could be blamed for taking their sunburned and sweaty carcass away to cooler spot indoors.  But guess what?  It didn’t happen.  We stayed.  We ALL stayed.  And we saw Tim Howard turn a stunning 90 minute performance into a stunning 120 minute performance.  We saw Julian Green do exactly what Jurgen Klinsmann told everyone he could do.  We stayed and watched a U.S. with as much stacked against them as one could imagine (injured players, the Group of Death, the most travel of any World Cup squad, etc.) make us proud.  These were not lovable underdogs just “doing their best” and hoping not to embarrass themselves.  No, these were men, professionals, elite soccer players, showing that they belong- at the very least- among the 16 best nations in the world and that, with a break or two here and there, they could have easily moved on.  I couldn’t be more proud to have this team represent me, or us.
  • My only further (at least at this late hour) comment on the match will only be two words long:  Tim Howard.
  • My only further comment on soccer in the United States for those who have spent the entire tournament denigrating it:  You’re too late.  It’s here.  It’s not going anywhere.  If you think it is search the internet for pictures of today’s viewing parties in Boston, Chicago, Kansas City, etc..  Our national team is getting better, our league is getting better, our stadiums are getting better, we’ve won, you just don’t know it yet.  Or maybe you do and that’s why you’re so sad.
  • “This season’s Everton kits are a great improvement over last year’s,” he said in the most backhanded compliment ever.  But no, they are, you should check them out- use the Google.
  • Ross County F.C. have promoted U20 coach Stevie Ferguson to assistant coach with the senior side.  Well-deserved (he completely turned around the U20 side when he took over in mid-season last year), he’s a former County player (200+ appearances and 50+ goals over seven seasons), and generally popular with supporters.  Now, if we’d only get down to business signing some new players.
  • In off the field news apparently there will FINALLY be an official Ross County Facebook page, and official Twitter account, and a greatly improved website in the near future.  HURRAH to all of that, it’s long overdue and should go a long way towards enhancing the prestige of the club- for too long the rudimentary nature of County’s involvement in all of the social media outlets mentioned has done little to dispel the widely (if incorrectly) held belief that the Highlands in general- and Dingwall specifically- are behind the times.
  • Finally, the New England Revolution appear to have hit the skids and I will once again renew my call for the addition of a LEGITIMATE designated player.  The returning Jerry Bengston of Honduras does not count.  I might also mention that I’m glad he’s finally started playing for Honduras the same way he players for New England, i.e., poorly.

Another picture of Boston’s City Hall Plaza today, courtesy of American Outlaws-Boston

As I said above, we're not going anywhere.

As I said above, we’re not going anywhere.


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