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Some things I learned today…

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So, we’re moving on.  It would have been nice to kick down the door to the round of 16, but if going in the side door is the way it happened I’m just fine with that.

Before we all get lost in the “win or die” portion of the program I’d like to stop for just a moment to say a few things about Jurgen Klinsmann and a few of his players.

Jurgen Klinsmann:  This result won’t change any minds or end the debate, but you’re not going to make a lot of money betting against Jurgen Klinsmann’s judgment in matters of football.  He’s one of those rare individuals in the game who was as talented with his feet as he is with his head.

Tim Howard:  Best U.S. goalkeeper ever, no worse than top three in the world at the moment.  If he had any desire to leave Everton- and he shouldn’t, Roberto Martinez, a shot at European football, and all that- he’d have a mega payday ahead of him.

Graham Zusi:  Say “good-bye” Sporting K.C., he’s gone.  You’ll get some good transfer money for him, MLS’s prestige will rise, and let’s hope, he goes to a club that can make the most of his abilities.

Jozy Altidore:  People need to stop talking about how the U.S. didn’t have a “replacement” for Jozy Atlidore- there isn’t one.  If you utter the name “Eddie Johnson” I will find you and slap your smart mouth.

DaMarcus Beasley:  Is he a natural defender?  No.  Will he ever look great defending?  No.  Did having him in the back line in anyway hinder the U.S. in the group stage?  No.  A lot of people talked a lot of trash about Beasley in the run-up to this tournament and they owe him an apology.  He’s an elite athlete whose shown his worth in numerous leagues in numerous countries over the last decade and a half- he’s not a fluke.

Michael Bradley:  Handle your business, son.  A few more underwhelming performances like that and people are going to think that you didn’t come back to MLS by choice.

Kyle Beckerman:  Speaking of “eating crow,” I will no eat mine.  I still think he’s a limited player- though not as much as I used to- but given a job to do, he has done it and in doing so proven him self to be a true international level player.  He’ll always be the “dirty hippy,” but he’ll be my dirty hippy.

Deuce:  Nothin’ man, just keep doin’ it.

Landon Donovan:  Who?


One comment on “Some things I learned today…

  1. Sculptor?!?
    June 26, 2014

    All witness the rise of the patchouli-soaked dreads. *ack ack ack* Now, if he could just harness that power and use it to its full stinky potential… #ourdirtyhippy

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