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The Best World Cup Song Ever


You may be shocked to learn that the best World Cup song ever does not include Pitbull or Jennifer Lopez.  In fact, the best World Cup song ever wasn’t even an “official” World Cup song.  No, it was a song written in support of the Republic of Ireland’s 1990 campaign in Italy- their first ever appearance in the finals.  In a situation like this there was nothing to do but to bring out the heavy hitters- the Pogues and the Dubliners.  This multi-generational super group paid tribute to the team (and its English coach, Jack Charlton) with this special song.  No doubt inspired by this song, “Jack’s Heroes” made it all the way to the quarter-finals before being defeated 1-0 by Italy.  Enjoy!

As long as I have your attention, how about the best football song ever- World Cup-related or not?!  I’ll leave it to the Reid brothers- Charlie and Craig- to tell you the story…

That’s a good, old-fashioned toe-tapper right there, folks!


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