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The Heart of Midlothian F.C. 2014-2015 Home & Away Kits

The 2014-2015 Hearts Home Kit

The 2014-2015 Heart of Midlothian F.C. Home Kit

Now that’s more like it!

Hearts may have finished last and been relegated from the Scottish Premiership but they are back on top when it comes to the best 2014-2015 kits in Scottish football.  We’ll start with the home kit.

This kit is, from an aesthetic standpoint, a classic for a number of reasons.  First, it marks the anniversary of the 1914-1915 team- considered by many to be the best the club has ever had- which saw its opportunity for greatness cut short by the First World War.  A war in which seven of the club’s players would be killed.  Second, in keeping with the theme of the kit, there will be no shirt sponsor so as not to cheapen the gesture.  Third, the club has revived the club crest that was used during the time of the 1914-1915 side, and it is a beauty!

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.58.49 AM

The crest also appears on the shorts- white with navy trim- and the kit is completed by the navy socks with white trim.  This kit really couldn’t be any better…unless it was joined by an away kit that’s just as good.

It is!!

The 2014-2015 Heart of Midlothian Away Kit

The 2014-2015 Heart of Midlothian Away Kit

There’s nothing new here, Hearts have used this template (stripes) and color scheme (light blue, black, and white) for their away kits on numerous occasions in the last 20+ years, but they’ve never executed it this flawlessly.  This “Argentina of the Lowlands” look is a great one.  As with the home kit, it is simple, straight-forward, and contains a few interesting elements.  The most important of these is the lack of a shirt sponsor.  The logo you see is actually that of the “Foundation of Hearts,” the 8,000 strong supporters group who used their own money to keep the club from going under in the wake of the Vladimir Romanov/Ukio Bankas fiasco.  Chairwoman Anne Budge rightly believes that this “thank you” to the group is the very least that the club can do.  You will also note that the “traditional” club crest remains in use on the away kit.

Only about a quarter of the clubs in the SPFL have released any of their kits at this point but it is going to take something pretty special to overtake this pair!


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