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Today marks the first of what I’m sure will be many updates to the Ross County roster over the coming weeks.  I’ve held off on posting anything until now because I a) wanted to make sure there had been enough “movement” to make it worthwhile, and b) you’d be surprised how difficult it can be to find out the contract status of some players!  So, here is what I know (italics representing what I “think”), some additional comments about several of the players in question, and then I’ll briefly dip my toe into the pool of the most persistent rumors.

  • Yoann Arquin (signed through January 2015)
  • Scott Boyd (out of contract)
  • Richard Brittain (signed through 2014-2015)
  • Mark Brown (re-signed for 1 year, and GK coach)
  • Graham Carey (out of contract, left)
  • Erik Cikos (returned to Slovan Bratislava)
  • Alex Cooper  (out of contract, left)
  • Melvin de Leeuw (signed through June 2015)
  • Tony Dingwall (signed through 2014-2015)
  • Scott Ferries (signed through 2014-2015)
  • Kyle MacLeod (signed through 2014-2015)
  • Ross MacKillop (signed through 2014-2015)
  • Michael Fraser (out of contract, left)
  • Gary Glen (out of contract, left)
  • Ben Gordon (signed through July 2014)
  • Evangelos Ikonomou (out of contract, left)
  • Stuart Kettlewell (out of contract)
  • Filip Kiss (returned to Cardiff City)
  • Marc Klok (under contract)
  • Darren Maatsen (under contract)
  • Brian McLean (out of contract)
  • Rocco Quinn (out of contract)
  • Sean McCarthy (out of contract)
  • Steven Ross (returning from loan at Brora Rangers)
  • Steven Saunders (re-signed for one year)
  • Jordan Slew (returned to Blackburn Rovers)
  • Yann Songo’o (returned to Blackburn Rovers)
  • Michael Tidser (returned to Rotherham United)

Richard Brittain:  I seem to remember that he signed a two year contract with the club and I find it hard to believe that, after signing a pre-contract agreement with St. Johnstone before last season and then changing his mind and remaining at County that Brittain would have only signed on for a single season, but I can’t find the evidence, so for now I have him as “out of contract.”

Thanks to RossC (via Twitter) for the clarification on Richard Brittain’s contract- he signed on for two years after changing his mind about moving to St. Johnstone.

Dingwall, Ferries, MacKillop, & McCleod:  All are young players who have signed one year senior contracts with the club.  Of this group I believe only Dingwall has played for the first team.

Steven Ross:  His loan at Brora Rangers in the Highland League is over, but I don’t know if he has returned to the club or is now out of contract.


Once again, I refer you to the title of this portion of the post…

Here are the names that keep popping up on my transfer rumor radar (TRR):

  • Ghanian goalkeeper Steven Adams
  • Former Aberdeen and current fee agent striker Scott Vernon
  • Recent Heart of Midlothian purge victims Ryan Stevenson (M) and Jamie MacDonald (GK)
  • Former RCFC bench warmer/GK Joe Malin.
  • And, of course, the pining for any former Ross County favorite currently without a club or out of favor at their current club, i.e, Paul Lawson, Michael Gardyne, Don Cowie, etc.

As always, corrections (especially ones with evidence to support them) would be appreciated!

Until the next time…


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