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The 2014-2015 Dundee United F.C. Home Kit

Dundee United 14-15 Home Kit

From our roving reporter in St. Stephen, New Brunswick

I guess when fear of relegation isn’t an issue a club can just go ahead and trot out their new kits, which Dundee United (currently in fourth place in the Scottish Premiership) have done this week.  For me, at least, they are an improvement over last year’s “ombre” kits which featured a shirt that began as orange at the top and transitioned into black at the bottom.  They also, at least initially, appear to be less cluttered with sponsor logos than last year’s kit, which was the first kit in Scottish history to feature sponsorship logos on the socks!  But enough of that, is it a “hit” or a “miss?”

Well, for this connoisseur of all things soccer and sartorial the jury is still out.  While I like the shirt very much (this is the Nike “Victory II” template), I’ll need to see the shorts and socks first.  I know that both are black- or at least mostly black- but the devil will be in the detailing (have I mixed enough metaphors yet?).  The shirt keeps to my two criteria:  keep it simple and pick a single design element to stick with, so that’s a good start.  If the chevron “motif” is repeated in either the shorts or the socks (and I hope it is in the socks) this could be a really handsome kit in toto.  Or at least as handsome as a kit can be when the club’s colors are synonymous with Halloween.  Or the Cincinnati Bengals.  Both are very scary.

That’s all from north of the border, the energy drinks are wearing off…quickly.


2 comments on “The 2014-2015 Dundee United F.C. Home Kit

  1. Sculptor?!?
    May 2, 2014

    Hmf. So far, I don’t hate it.

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