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Odds & Ends: Dumb and Dumber Edition

I can't decide which one Brek Shea is like more.

I can’t decide which one Brek Shea is like more.

  • USMNT and Stokey City winger Brek Shea has had his loan at Barnsley cut short by Barnsley as a result of Shea’s making an obscene gesture in the direction of the club’s supporters.  I guess if being consistently inconsistent isn’t a good enough to torpedo your career you can always go down this road- insult the supporters of the club that was kind enough to give you playing time when you couldn’t break into the team at Stoke, which, Brek, if you haven’t noticed, is not exactly Barcelona.  Also, Brek, this isn’t Texas ODP anymore where your abilities turn a heads away from your behaviors because the team/coach needs you.  Even playing their Stoke City particular form of Neander-ball, Stoke don’t “need” you.  At all.
  • Nothing against Pablo Mastroeni, but how does Colorado open the season without a “stand alone” head coach?  I don’t want to exaggerate the situation too much, but this is the kind of bush-league stuff that keeps MLS from getting the respect it increasingly deserves.
  • The New England Revolution have released midfielder Paolo DelPiccolo only four months after signing him.  DelPiccolo was more or less signed on the recommendation of defender Andrew Farrell, who played with him at Louisville.  The only problem is that while they may have been on the same “level” in college, it was more a case of their two careers intersecting while Farrell’s was on the rise and DelPiccolo’s almost at its peak.  DelPiccolo will probably get a chance at the NASL level and may some day make it back to MLS, but Farrell was one of the two or three best rookies in the league last year and has “USMNT” written all over him.
  • The 2014 MLS season opened with “replacement” referees.  Setting aside my beliefs about unions, let’s just say that based on the matches I watched the fact that I didn’t notice is a pretty damning indictment of the abilities of the league’s regular referees.
  • NYCFC has released the two finalists for their new club crest and while I hate to give even an ounce of respect to a club run jointly by Manchester City F.C. and the New York Yankees, both are not only good, but maybe even among the best in MLS.
  • Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 1.23.01 PM

2 comments on “Odds & Ends: Dumb and Dumber Edition

  1. Kevin
    March 11, 2014

    Of the two I think the round crest is better. The other feels too much like NYPD, plus the color scheme is kind of close to the NY Mets…strange for a Yankee owned organization.

    • Sculptor?!?
      March 12, 2014

      Nearly my exact thoughts.

      And I’ll give props to the graphic designers, none to NYC anything. 😉

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