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Well, I love the socks!


Last night at the Royale Nightclub in Boston the New England Revolution introduced their 2014 home/first choice/primary kit.  As I mentioned in my post yesterday the shirt was leaked over a week ago, so the real surprise was the choice of white shorts as part of the home kit.  But let’s do thing in order, shall we?

The shirt is probably the best one that the club has ever worn, but if you know the kit history of the club you know that saying that falls under the old adage of “damning with faint praise.”  My only problem with the shirt is that the United Healthcare logo is just too damn big.  Well, sort of anyway.  I think the problem is more that it is place a little to high up on the shirt.  If it were just slightly lower (and/or smaller) it might be okay.  Finally, and I honestly can’t believe I’m going to say this, the club’s awful logo actually looks okay on this shirt.  I think because, without all of the extraneous white and gray trim of previous years to go along with it, it “calms down” a bit.  I still want a new one, though.

I’m going to reserve judgment on the white shorts (with the requisite red Adidas stripes down the side) for the moment, mainly because they’ve already begun to grow on me, but also because there will presumably be a number on the left leg that will help combat a bit of the starkness of the plain white shorts.

The socks, well, they’r great.  If there is something on the back of them- “NER” or “1996” or something similar- so much the better.

The interesting thing that this first choice sets up is what the away/secondary/change kit will look like?  Not only has the away kit generally been an all white affair, the club wore the same white kit in 2012 and 2013 so I find it hard to believe that, even if they choose to keep that look again in 2014, it will probably have some significant “template” changes at the very least.

Nah, just kidding.  They are using the same exact white kit for the third year in a row.  C’mon people, the Kraft Family isn’t made of money!


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