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The New Brazil Third Kit: When You Just Can’t Leave “Well Enough” Alone


Some times a kit just leaves me speechless.  This is one such occasion.

My question is “Why?!”

The answer is, “MONEY!!”

But it still bothers me.

First of all, I hate form-fitting shirts (I blame Kappa for this and then Puma jumped on the bandwagon, but et tu, Nike?).

Second, and somebody at Nike said this with a straight face, “The third jersey uses a dark, almost black, shade of green, evoking the country’s lush landscape and urban nightlife.”

However, still having a remnant of their soul left, they followed up with this:  “The shorts pay tribute to another sport loved by Brasilians – surfing – with a longer cut than traditional football shorts.”  Don’t believe it?  Look-

How do you "I'm so stoked, bray!" in Portuguese?

How do you say “I’m so stoked, brah!” in Portuguese?

So, yeah.

Finally, while it appears as though the mannequin at the top of this post is wearing tights this is not the case- though I wouldn’t put it past Nike or the CBF at this point.

It’s not that there aren’t or haven’t been infinitely worse kits than this in the history of football, but sweet Christ the Redeemer this is Brazil!!


One comment on “The New Brazil Third Kit: When You Just Can’t Leave “Well Enough” Alone

  1. Sculptor?!?
    February 10, 2014

    Holy crap that’s horrible. Pass the eye bleach, please and thankyou.

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