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It’s Official: Yoann Arquin Joins Ross County F.C.

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Ross County F.C.’s fifth signing of the transfer window is French (technically he’s a Martiniquais international) striker Yoann Arquin.  Let me just repeat part of that, “striker,” for real.  Not somebody listed as a striker or forward who averages three or four goals a season (I will resist the urge no name and shame a few signings made in recent seasons…at least one of whom is still with the club), but somebody who, when given the chance to play 35-40 matches a season has averaged 8-10 goals.  Arquin did it in reserve football in the lower leagues in France, in the Conference in England, and in League One in England before falling out with his manager at Notts County.

Speaking of that “falling out,” Arquin joins a long list of players tagged as having “attitude problems” at their former club that have come to Dingwall during the tenure of Derek Adams and very few of them have brought those problems with them.  Or, if you’d rather be a bit more cynical, they’d kept them under wraps because they had too much to lose by spurning the second chance they were being given.  Arquin has signed a one year deal with County (not a loan deal) and where he goes after that will be entirely up to his ability to keep his approach correct off the field and to score goals on it.  If he brings the proverbial “chip on his shoulder,” “I’ll show them!” attitude with him to Victoria Park, so much the better.

Arquin is 25, has good size at 6’3″, plays a physical game, can use both feet and plays the ball well in the air.  “Potential” ends up being an albatross with many players, but Arquin has it, and if he can live up to it over the next 12 months (whatever his motivation) he could become the “finisher” that Ross County so desperately needs to succeed in the Scottish Premiership.  It remains to be seen what Arquin’s signing will mean for the forwards currently on the club’s roster, but if somebody has to go to make room for him it will likely be Gary Glen.

There’s maybe one more signing in the works (Irish defender Cliff Byrne has been on trial with the club this week), but whatever the case the Adamses have definitely made the moves to keep County safely in the Premiership- it’s now up to those players and the rest of the side to see that it happens.


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