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So, while we’re waiting for Filip Kiss to arrive…


…allow me to introduce you to 25 year old Yoann Axel Cyriac Arquin, a French-born Martiniquais international striker.  Arquin has somehow managed to go from Notts County F.C.’s top scorer in 2012-2013 and signing a new contract in June to being a Ross County trialist as of this week.  Arquin has five goals in all competitions in 2013-2014, the joint top scorer on the team in league matches, and is still listed as a player on the Notts County club website, so one must assume any move to Dingwall would be a loan rather than a signing.  But that still begs the question of why he is available?  Are Notts County looking to unload players as they prepare to drop to League Two (they are currently second last and have play more matches than any of the other clubs in relegation danger)?  That would make sense if Arquin is being paid well, but if he is why County and what will almost assuredly be a major pay cut?  Well, those are questions for Roy McGregor and the Adamses to answer…  While they’re at it they’ll probably want to address the “attitude” issues as well…or so I hear.

Before coming to England Arquin worked his way up the ranks by bouncing between smaller clubs (Quimper, Red Star 93) and the reserve sides of larger clubs (Nancy, Nantes, PSG) before spending a year with Hereford United F.C. (then in League Two) and then moving on to Notts County.  The one thing that has been consistent is is goal scoring.  He is not by any means a “prolific goal scorer, but in every season where he has played between 25 and 35 matches (which is four of the last five) he has scored between 8-10 goals.  If he were to join Ross County for the second half of the season and maintain that average it would be a significant contribution as, after the first half of the season only one other player (Melvin de Leeuw) is scoring at that rate.

If Arquin is signed, the question must be asked, who’s out?


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