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Indoor Soccer: An Update



Session One (of three) ended this week and I can report that my team will finish either 3rd or 4th in a league of 12 with a record of 3-2-2.  Here are a few notes on the first session:

  • We earned more points (11) in 7 matches than we did in the 21 matches we played in all three sessions last year.
  • We were not shutout in any match…nor did we shut anyone out!
  • No club scored more than 7 goals against us.  Last year we gave up double digits more times than I care to remember.
  • We gave up only one penalty kick.
  • We did not have a player receive a yellow, blue (2 minutes in the “penalty box”), or red card.
  • We did not field an underage player (each club is allowed one player between 35-39 years old).
  • We finished ahead of the two clubs that beat us during the season.

Why the dramatic improvement over last season?  That’s easy- numbers.  Last year we were lucky if we had 2-3 subs per match and as a result we often lost to clubs that we were better than because we simply wore down as the match went on- did I mention it’s an 0ver 40 league?  This season we’ve averaged 4-5 subs per match and it has made all of the difference. Player-to-player we are no better than last year- we’re all “decent”- there are just more of us.

On a personal note, I finished the first session with 2 goals and 7 assists, contributing at least a point in each of our matches.  Perhaps more importantly, in a season that I thought would be my last based on the abysmal level of play I displayed last season, I had only one bad match.  If this keeps up I really don’t know how I can say “no” to giving it another shot next year…

The only downside of all of this group and personal success is that by finishing in the top four we will have to play some of the tougher clubs next session (you may have noticed that the number of games we played and the size of the league don’t match up), still, that only brings two new teams into the mix, so we’re not suddenly going to become awful!

Until the 30th…


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