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Take all of my money, Puma, all of it!

Take all of my money, Puma, all of it!

I was creeping around the Puma corporate website earlier today and I stumbled on a section called “Historical Pictures.”  There aren’t a lot of them and not all of the pictures are of football-related people/gear, but most of them are and they are pretty fantastic.

I don’t want to bore you with a big list of links to the specific pictures (just get started here) but I would like to say a few words about some of the photos- the good stuff is from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.

  • Obviously there is the Pele signature track suit (above) that no words could possibly do justice to- just perfect.
  • The first advertizement is for the company in general (though football boots are pictured) and the tag line (at the bottom) translates to “conquered the world” and that strikes me as maybe just a little tone-deaf with WWII not exactly ancient history in 1958.  It also looks like (bottom right) Puma was already specializing where their football boots were concerned- hard ground, soft ground, and on the bottom what appears to be an “indoor” boot.
  • The next ad (though actually from 1954) is congratulating Hannover 96 for winning the Bundesliga, or more correctly, pointing out that they did it wearing Puma boots!  I would also like to point out that my German is still good enough that I didn’t need any help translating either of these posters.  Also, 22 Deutschmarks for a pair of boots in 1954 seems a bit steep!  Note the intricate lacing system!
  • The Pele signed boots are beautiful, but brown laces on a black boot?!  Those can’t be original, can they?
  • Finally, while they may be ugly by modern standards, the Super-Atom boots (the same model as in the 1958 advert, I believe) were clearly made by a “shoemaker” rather than a the giant multi-national sports conglomerate that Puma eventually became.  Perfect stitching, brass eyelets, etc..

So, enjoy!  Oh, and I didn’t get a penny from Puma for posting this.  However, if they know where to find me if they want to work something out for the future…


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