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Why I Love Gordon Strachan: Reason #859


Here are a few of Scotland manager Gordon Strachan’s comments ahead of Tuesday’s World Cup Qualification match against Croatia:

“We need to do something ourselves; stop feeling sorry for ourselves in Scotland,” he told BBC Radio Scotland.

“Don’t go to snooker halls or watch the telly. Practise longer. If you do that you will become a better player.”

“Team spirit is all about performances; putting in performances and winning. It’s not about going to the go-karts and zooming round there, going for a drink and talking about everyone that’s not there, or golfing. That’s nonsense. Winning games of football – that’s what bonds people together.”

“Work harder, just work harder to be a better player.”

“Discipline yourself to be a better player. Do more hours with the ball to be a better player.

“Put more hours in – don’t sit back and moan and groan about foreign players.

“We must get better ourselves. If you work harder at the game, we’ll get better. If the standard comes up, the ordinary foreign player won’t be here.

Got it- no snooker, no go-karts.

Preach on, wee man!!


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This entry was posted on October 12, 2013 by in Old School, Scottish Football Association, Scottish National Team.
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