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Prime Minister’s Question Time


This could be the easiest version of this series going all the way back to the Avoiding the Drop days when it was called “The Thursday Challenge.”  However, it could also be the funniest.  You have one week to provide me with the following:

  • The most humorous player name in football.
  • The most humorous player nickname in football.
  • The most humorous club name in football.
  • The most humorous club nickname in football- either official or unofficial.
  • The most humorous ground name in football.

In all cases “humorous” covers a wide spectrum from “fitting” to “odd” to “unfortunate” and beyond.

All answers must be verifiable upon request.

All categories can included answers from the past or present.

Should I not be able to determine a winner among the entries the tie-breaker is as follows:  The most humorous pairing of a kit sponsor with any of the above categories (does not have to be the same answer you gave for any of those).

There’s plenty of low-hanging fruit out there (Wacker, Young Boys, etc.) but I expect better than that from you…

Good luck.

(entries to by midnight next Tuesday)


2 comments on “Prime Minister’s Question Time

  1. Kevin
    September 5, 2013

    OK…you’ll get some entries from me this week. No soccer genius required. However, I can’t promise some won’t be just above “low-hanging”.

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