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Sunday Revs and Ross County Recap

This guy.

This guy.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear:  the New England Revolution lost to Sporting Kansas City last night because they didn’t play well.  I would, however, like to briefly discuss two things from last night’s match that, to put it mildly, made me stubby.

First- and you can check the site’s Twitter feed if you need confirmation- the minute I saw Baldomero Toledo introduced as the match referee I knew that there was going to be one “star” of the match and it wasn’t going to be anybody wearing a Revolution or Sporting jersey.  Fast forward to 53″ and Toledo gives the Revolution’s Dimitry Imbongo a yellow card for dissent.  Deserved?  Who knows?  Twelve minutes later- and depending on your perspective- either incidental contact or an elbow to the face of a SKC player- second yellow.  Red card.

86″ a straight red card to Revolution substitute Andy Dorman for a tackle on Kei Kamara (on which Kamara was injured).  Was it a bad tackle?  Yes, absolutely.  Was it a red card worthy tackle?  Debatable at best.  Dorman came in from the side/back (as opposed to a tackle directly “from behind”) got some of the ball, but also got Kamara on the follow through.

And finally, where Toledo was concerned, proof that he has the itchiest trigger finger in all of MLS.  In the 90″ Steven McCarthy committed a foul on Benny Feilhaber (who “helped” make the foul happen) just outside of the box.  Toledo blew the whistle, stepped in, showed McCarthy and yellow and then a red.  Apparently, one yellow now equals a red.  Luckily the rest of the officiating crew stepped in and pointed out to Toledo that, in fact, it takes TWO yellows to earn a red card.  Which brings us to the resulting free kick goal scored by former Revolution midfielder Benny Feilhaber.

Soccer, like most sports, has its etiquette.  For example, in baseball, it is considered “bad form” to bunt for a hit to break up a no-hitter.  In football there is an unwritten rule that you don’t celebrate against if you score a goal against your previous club- especially if it is the immediately previous one.  It doesn’t matter if you left on bad terms, didn’t like the fans, whatever.  You score, you jog back to your side of the field and you wait for the restart.  Benny, not so much.  Plenty of celebrating, plenty of smirking, and plenty of Benny being exactly the kind of player/person he was for the Revolution.  I’m guessing Revolution Jay Heaps’ internal monologue went something like this, “And THAT’S why we didn’t want you anymore…”

I’ve quoted my college buddy Luke several times on this site and I’ll do it again, “There’s two kinds of class- first class and no class.”

As for County…

I’m carrying over last year’s “Stay Positive” attitude to this year, so rather than point out that the club has dropped its first two matches I’ll simply say that they are still 12 points ahead of Hearts and that yesterday new signing Graham Carey scored his first goal for the club.  Onward!!


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