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Odds & Ends: All Revolution All The Time Edition



It’s not often that there’s enough going on with the Revolution to fill an entire post, but this week appears to be the exception- off we go!

  • I’ll start with the only positive news to come out of Foxborough in the past few days:  the Revolution have signed midfielder Chris Tierney to a contract extension.  I have not been Tierney’s biggest fan in the past because, while I saw him as an “effort” guy, I didn’t see him as much more than that.  Sure, he could play a few positions, but he was never anybody’s first choice at any of them.  Now that he’s locked down the left side of the midfield his game has filled out.  He’s still very much a hard worker and he’s always been willing to get back and defend, but now he’s making good decisions with the ball, is emerging as one of the best crossers of the ball in MLS, and has four assists this season.  Tierney appears to have developed into one of the players every team needs- he shows up, does his job, keeps his mouth shut, and before you know it he’s been with the club for a decade and has started racking up records for matches, minutes played, etc.  And he’s a local kid, and that’s always nice.
  • Wait, I was wrong, there is more good news:  the Revolution and M/D Kalifa Cissé have parted ways by “mutual” consent.  The French-born Malian international was good enough to play almost 150 matches in the English Championship, but for the Revolution he just did…nothing.  He only played in 6 matches (and none since mid-May) and didn’t look good in any of them.  In the end he was beaten out by rookie Scott Caldwell, a homegrown player.  The Revs certainly won’t shed a tear over seeing Cisse, the highest player at the club ($445,000 in guaranteed money if he payed the whole season), move on.  Reportedly he will go back to England with Watford and Millwall among the interested parties.  Cisse is still only 29, but I saw nothing in his play for the Revs that would suggest that his career trajectory is going anywhere but down.
  • And now on to the bad stuff.  Saturday the Revolution, needing three points to remain in a playoff place in the Eastern Conference, earned none.  In a display of offensive impotence that was impressive even for the normally “careful with their goals” Revolution, they lost to lowly Toronto F.C. in a match they dominated everywhere but on the scoreboard.  New England’s lack of fire power is even more problematic because…
  • …various outlets are reporting that forward Juan Agudelo has signed a pre-contract agreement with Fulhamerica 2.0- you may know them better as Stoke City F.C.) and will leave MLS/the Revolution when his contract expires on December 21.  Stoke has indicated that they would be willing to part with a little cash if the transfer can take place before then and the Revolution should jump all over that offer.  Sure, the bulk of the transfer fee will go to MLS and the Red Bulls (though, interestingly, not to his last club, Chivas U.S.A.), but otherwise they’ll be left with nothing to show for his time in New England.  Agudelo has been out with a knee injury for over a month so it could be argued that they’ve already learned to get on with out him, but he’s close to coming back so if they can get anything for him…
  • Reports have also surfaced that there has been some interest from European teams- specifically a Greek team- in bench-warming designated player Jerry Bengston.  I don’t know why Bengston hasn’t been able to duplicate his international form in league play (it’s usually the other way around, isn’t it?), but the fact that he can’t even make the substitute’s bench on a team that is struggling for goals speaks volumes.  If the Revs can get something for him- or at least get out from under some of his contract- I will personally drive him to the airport.
  • Not wanting to close on a down note, if Agudelo, Cissé, and Bengston are off the payroll that’s a pro-rated $800,000 that is freed up, which could be the kind of money that would bring in a striker of the designated player variety.  General manager Mike Burns said before Saturday’s match (and before the Agudelo and Cissé news broke) that the club was looking to bring in a player.  Among the names the rumor mill has spit out- Louis Saha, Geoff Cameron, and Charlie Davies.  Who knows though, the club appears to now have more money to spend than they did Saturday so it could be somebody else entirely. Now if we could only get rid of Juan Toja…

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