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Prime Minister’s Question Time: The Answers


My apologies, the day kind of got away from me.

Here now the results of last week’s challenge question to name as many countries as possible that produce football boots.

There is plenty of “gray area” to be found here (and I’ll get to that in a moment), but I think on balance my 14 brands/countries were bested by the 18 found by reader and frequent PMQT participant Andrew M.  Here are our lists:


  • USA: Nike
  • Germany: Adidas
  • Italy: Diadora
  • Spain: Joma
  • France: Le Coq Sportif
  • England: Umbro
  • Brazil: Penalty
  • Mexico: Concord
  • Japan: Mizuno
  • Argentina: Nitro
  • Australia: Nomis
  • Demark: Hummel
  • Netherlands: Quick
  • India: Nivia

Andrew M.

  • Australia – Concave
  • Belgium – Patrick (Defunct?)
  • Brazil – Penalty
  • China – Peak
  • Denmark – Hummel
  • France – Airness
  • Germany – Adidas
  • Indonesia – Specs
  • Italy – Kappa
  • Japan – Mizuno
  • Mexico – Kueka
  • Netherlands – Quick (No longer make boots)
  • Spain – Munich
  • South Korea – Fila
  • Thailand – FBT
  • Turkey – Lescon
  • UK – Mitre
  • USA – Nike

And now a word on those brands/countries “in question”:

1. While Patrick the company still exists they no longer make boots and when they did the company was still based in France.  I wore several pairs in high school- in case you were wondering!

2.  As best I can tell “Quick” (which both Andrew and I found) have resumed production of football boots.  Of course, we both could have made things easier on ourselves by simply using the Cruyff brand instead!

3.  Good job to Andrew on Fila- I had no idea they’d been bought and moved to South Korea!

4.  If my reading of several websites is correct, FBT (from Andrew’s list) are not a retail brand- FBT is a company that makes boots and will put whatever name you want on them if your company wants to sell them as their “own.”

5.  I found Lescon as well, but couldn’t find any boots by them- maybe Andrew speaks Turkish.

That was fun!


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