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A Ross County F.C. Squad Update

Derek Adams and Darren Maatsen

Derek Adams and Darren Maatsen

With today’s signing of Dutch winger/striker Darren Maatsen the Ross County roster is now up to 15 players.  According to manager Derek Adams he hopes to have three more players signed (those two are reputed to be two more Dutch players) before preseason begins on July 3, and to sign three additional players before the regular season kicks off on August 3rd.  At present the squad looks like this:

  1. Michael Fraser (GK)
  2. Mark Brown (GK)
  3. Branislav Micic (D)
  4. Grant Munro (D)
  5. Scott Boyd (D)
  6. Mihael Kovacevic (D)
  7. Stuart Kettlewell (M)
  8. Richard Brittain (M)*
  9. Alex Cooper (M)
  10. Steven Ross (M)
  11. Rocco Quinn (M)
  12. Ivan Sproule (M)
  13. Darren Maatsen (F)
  14. Melvin de Leeuw (F)
  15. Gary Glen (F)

Based on this list one has to assume that of the six players Adams plans to add to the squad there are going to be at least two defenders and at least one, if not two more forwards/attacking players.  Beyond that a couple of utility players or a third goalkeeper wouldn’t be a bad idea either.  U20 players Tony Dingwall (M) and Adam Porritt (F) are probably in the mix as well.

By now you’ve probably noticed that asterisk next to Richard Brittian’s name.  Here is a brief recap of the situation:

  • Brittain sings a pre-contract agreement with St. Johnstone F.C. in January.
  • Something happens in his personal life causing him to change his mind and stay at County.
  • Weeks of back and forth between the two clubs about whether the pre-contract agreement is binding and where he will play in 2013-2014.
  • Ross County registers Brittain as their player with the S.F.A. which can’t happen unless he is under contract with Ross County, so clearly he has signed a contract extension with the club.  This means Brittain can play in S.F.A. sponsored cup competitions- I think.
  • St. Johnstone say that they have registered Brittain with the S.P.L., but since they don’t have him under contract he can’t play for them.  He can’t play in the S.P.L. for Ross County either, because they haven’t registered him.

I don’t even…ugh.

It looks like when all is said and done that he’ll probably play for County, but he’ll probably miss some time as this is all hashed out between the two clubs and the governing bodies.

It just needs to be over.


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