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And the Lowland League clubs are…


The Scottish Football Association today announced the clubs that will make up the inaugural season of the Lowland League.  Although originally speculated to be a sixteen team league, at least for the 2013-2014 season the league will include only twelve clubs.  Promotion and relegation will take place for the first time at the end of the 2014-2015 season with the champions meeting the Highland League champions with a berth in the Third Division on the line.  Both the Highland and Lowland leagues will be considered the 5th tier on the newly formed Scottish football pyramid.

The S.F.A. received inquiries from 27 different clubs from the East of Scotland and South of Scotland Leagues as well as junior football, with 17 clubs eventually filing formal applications.  Of those 17 the following twelve were chosen:

  • Spartans F.C. (East of Scotland)
  • Threave Rovers F.C. (South of Scotland)
  • Preston Athletic F.C. (East of Scotland)
  • Gretna 2008 F.C. (East of Scotland)
  • Whitehill Welfare F.C. (East of Scotland)
  • Dalbeattie Star F.C. (South of Scotland)
  • East Kilbride F.C. (South of Scotland)
  • Selkirk F.C. (East of Scotland)
  • Gala Fairydean F.C. (East of Scotland)
  • Edinburgh City F.C. (East of Scotland)
  • University of Stirling (East of Scotland)
  • Vale of Leithen (East of Scotland)

A few notes…

-With the admission of the University of Stirling F.C. the Scottish pyramid will be one of the few which contains the squad representing an academic institution.

-Acceptance into the Lowland League will be one more step back up the ladder for Gretna 2008 F.C., which rose from the ashes of one-time SPL club Gretna F.C..

-Whitehill Welfare F.C. represent one of the few Scottish clubs still in existence whose origin was as a “works team,” specifically it was the club for workers at the Whitehill coal mine.

-Finally, if there’s a club with a better name that “Gala Fairydean F.C.” I’d like to know what it is!

Pardon me if I’m having a hard time believing that this is not only real, but that it will begin later this summer/early this fall!


One comment on “And the Lowland League clubs are…

  1. Chas
    July 30, 2013

    Correction to your post its NOT East Kilbride Thistle ?
    its EAST KILBRIDE FC or ( EK FC)

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