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Manchester United Are Coming to Dingwall!

This is happening.

This is happening.

The rumor has been floating around for months, but Ross County have confirmed this morning that on Saturday January 20 the club will host reigning Premier League champions Manchester United at Victoria Park Global Energy Stadium!

Sure, it will probably be a combination of youth players, reserve players, and some first team fringe players, but this is still a HUGE occasion for County and the financial and morale boost that the presence of a club like United will bring to Dingwall will be a fantastic way to kick-off the club’s second season in the Scottish top flight.

Ross County Chairman Roy MacGregor had this to say about the match-

“It’s a real coup for us to be able to bring a team from Old Trafford up to Dingwall, and at a time when I think all football fans are missing their regular fix of matchday action this is really something that gets the blood pumping in anticipation of the coming season. It really speaks to the fan in me – the idea of seeing County take on a team from Manchester United would have seemed like pure fantasy a few years ago so I’m delighted that our Director of Football has been able to make this happen.”

The Director of Football he mentions is, of course, George Adams.  Adams is, in addition to being the father of County coach Derek Adams, the first player ever signed by Sir Alex Ferguson as a manager!  When his playing days were over Adams returned to Aberdeen as Ferguson’s Head of Youth Development and he was credited with bringing to Aberdeen many of the players that Ferguson would then lead to European glory in the mid-1980s.

So, while I would like to say that the “Cinderella Story” of County’s rise from the Highland League to the Scottish Premier League is the only reason that Manchester United wanted to journey to the hinterlands of the United Kingdom for a preseason match, there’s a good chance that George Adams “calling in a favor” had a lot more to do with it.

Whatever the case, we’re in the Big Time now!!


One comment on “Manchester United Are Coming to Dingwall!

  1. Kevin
    June 12, 2013

    That is really cool! And it is also nice to see that Sir Alex Ferguson is willing to “honor” a past friend.

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