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New England Revolution 2 – 0 Toronto F.C.

I think we may have something here...

I think we may have something here…

Let’s get one thing out of the way first- Toronto F.C. are terrible.  One win in twelve terrible.  Never looked like they were going to do anything but lose terrible.  However…

…in the past that would not have made a difference when facing the New England Revolution- the Revolution would have played down to Toronto’s level and the outcome would not have been a certainty at all.  The worm, however, appears to have turned.

Bobby Shuttleworth is emerging as a worthy successor to Matt Reis in the New England goal.

The defense, led by Jose Goncalves, rookie Andrew Farrell, Stephen McCarthy, and Chris Tierney has solidified and has the potential to be one of the best in MLS.  Chris Tierney, who started his 100th match for the club last night, has also begun to put his cultured left foot to very good use on offense, with his cross last night finding Diego Fagundez for the first goal of the night.  And speaking of Fagundez…

With his fourth goal in five matches Fagundez is emerging as one of the best young players in MLS.  He takes players on off the dribble, his shots are on target, and he’s just as interested in scoring “garbage” goals as he is in beautiful goals- last night’s volley being very much in the latter category.  Fagundez should only become more dangerous as the season wears on as new Rev Juan Agudelo is causing opposing defenses to split their attention.  To further complicate matters Fagundez and Agudelo have the permission of  coach Jay Heaps to switch wings, creating additional confusion among opposing defenses.  This no doubt played a part in Agudelo’s goal last night- his second for the club.

The result of the improved offense was, dare I say, another convincing win for the Revolution, who now find themselves only two points out of an Eastern Conference playoff place.

Huh.  I was not expecting that.


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