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Italy: The World Cup 2014 Shirt Has Arrived

Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 12.54.08 PMIt turns out that there’s no translation engine on the interwebs that will tell me that the Italian word for “meh” is.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad top, but if your releasing it as part of the kit that’s going to take you to Brazil 2014 and a potential 5th World Cup title, you have to do better, don’t you?  Granted, “classy,” “retro,” and “vintage” don’t tend to be words in Puma’s stylistic vocabulary, but they should at least be able to do interesting.  Still, you won’t be able to swing the proverbial dead cat in the greater New York-New Jersey metropolitan area this summer without hitting several score of proud Sons of Columbus wearing these tops- of that I am certain.

Speaking of Puma, why does the Italian national team wear a German brand?  I know not every country has the luxury of having a domestically-based kit maker, but when you have at least ten companies (Diadora, MassSport, Fila, Macron, Errea, Sportika, Legea, Lotto, Givova and Kappa) that make football kits, could you pick one of them?!

 If you’re interested, the shorts are white, and the socks are blue with white cuffs which have the green, white, and red band of Italy’s il Tricolore around them.  In both cases, not great, not awful.

Hey, speaking of il Tricolore, let’s end this brief post with a little historical trivia:  You’ll note that the sleeve cuffs and the placket of the shirt represent the colors of the Italian flag, but do you know what they mean?  The green is said to represent the country’s hills and fields, the white the Alps, and the red the blood shed in the unification of Italy.

That’s a nice story, but it’s more likely that it is simply a rectangular version of the square flag the Cisalpine Republic.  The Cisalpine Republic, a puppet state of France during the Napoleonic Era, chose red and white (the colors of the recently defeated Duchy of Milan), and green (the colors of the uniforms worn by the Milanese army) when it was created in 1797.  This perhaps explains why it looks the same as the French flag with the green swapped in for the blue.

And now you know…


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