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Dunfermline Athletic F.C.: Tuesday Could Be The Day

Fingers crossed for a quality club.

Fingers crossed for a quality club.

UPDATE:  Dunfermline’s deadline with H.M.R.C. was extended for 24 hours.  Majority shareholder Gavin Masterson will make an announcement regarding the club’s future at noon E.S.T. tomorrow.  There are essentially three things that can happen:

  1. Masterson can announce that the debt has been paid and the club moves forward.
  2. Masterson can announce that the club has voluntarily gone into administration (bankruptcy), the club can reorganize financially and move forward, BUT in all likelihood it will be docked at least 10 points for going into administration.
  3. Masterson can announce that the club has gone out of business.  The only meaningful outcome (other than it being yet another example of the sad state of Scottish football) is that all of the players’ contracts will be cancelled and they will be free to join other clubs.

Barring a last minute intervention Dunfermline Athletic F.C. could be out of business by 1pm (EST) today.

The club owes the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (the U.K.’s version of our I.R.S.) £134,000 in back taxes.  Just to give you some perspective, there are three players in the English Premier League (Sergio Aguero, Yaya Toure, and Wayne Rooney) who all make £200,000+ per week.

In recent years the Pars have bounced back and forth between the First Division and the Scottish Premier League (playing in Europe twice along the way), but for the entire decade of the 1960s they were as good or better as any club in Scotland and they were regular and successful participants in European competitions.  In the 1968-69 season they came within a goal of playing Barcelona in the Cup Winners Cup (the current Europa League), a feat all the more impressive given that there were no international players with the club at the time.

Should the inevitable prove to be just that later this afternoon, the thoughts of Ross County supporters will surely go out to all concerned, but especially Andy Dowie and Andrew Barrowman, both of whom were instrumental in County’s rise through the divisions in the first decade of this century.

There is still hope that something can happen to save the club during the next three hours, but there is not much of it.


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