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The Highland Derby: The Pictures Speak for Themselves

Please note Mr. Lawson's armband

Please note Mr. Lawson’s armband

In order to maintain my season long streak of “keeping positive” I am going to be very sparse with my words and instead, let two clips from yesterday’s Highland Derby speak for themselves.  Let’s start with Paul Lawson’s (above) goal in the 35th minute which tied the match at 1 goal apiece.


And then there was this- I draw your attention particularly to the angle between the 30 and 35 second mark:

Sorry, that’s not a penalty- ever.

I don’t think Ross County’s Mihael Kovacevic got much, if any, of the ball on the play, but I don’t think he got much, if any, of I.C.T.’s Charlie Taylor.  I think Taylor’s last touch was a bit heavy and the ball got away from both players and certainly would have gone out of bounds before Taylor had gotten to it even if he had stayed on his feet.  There are only two things that should have happened on this play:  1) No call at all.  2) Charlie Taylor is booked for simulation.

I think the first option would have been the appropriate call and I think that a yellow card to Taylor might have been just the slightest bit harsh.  He probably could have stayed up, but he did perform a “stop, drop, and roll” like many players do in those situations.

County remain in 4th place and will next face Kilmarnock F.C..


2 comments on “The Highland Derby: The Pictures Speak for Themselves

  1. Daryl U
    March 18, 2013

    Absolutely disgraceful decision, I thought at the time, bearing in mind I was at the opposite end of the pitch, that the way Taylor went down just didnt look like Kova had caught him, but like he just fell over. still fuming about losing to that

  2. F Ross
    March 19, 2013

    Lawson’s goals was brilliant, almost as good as David Symington’s penalty strike for Carlisle against Scunthorpe a few weeks ago.

    Penalty decision atrocious.

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