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Ross County F.C. 1 – 0 Aberdeen F.C.


At this point I have to admit that I’m speechless.

28 matches into the 2012-2013 Scottish Premier League season and Ross County F.C. are tied on points for second place (with Highland Derby rivals Inverness Caledonian Thistle F.C.) and third only on the basis of goal differential.  Let me put that a couple of other ways…

County are 27 points away from any kind of relegation danger with 10 matches to go- I think they’re safe.

County are in a Europa League place and only +5 goals away from a Champions League place.  Read that again.

By all accounts today’s match at Pittodrie in Aberdeen was a drab affair for the first three quarters of the match.  Until that is, the savant that is County manager Derek Adams took hot-as-a-pistol Ivan Sproule out of the match (Sproule was not happy about it) and replaced him with Gary Glen.  Within ten minutes Rocco Quinn crossed a ball in to Steffan Wohlfarth (who came on for Sam Morrow in the 64th minute), who flicked it on to Gary Glen who then hammered the ball into the net from 8 yards out.

County safely rode out the last 13 minutes of the match.

Done deal.

All of this done as the current “horse meat” scandal in Europe prevented the serving of meat pies at the ground.  Instead supporters had to make due with chicken pies and macaroni pies.  All of this in Aberdeenshire, the land where Angus beef cattle were created.


8 comments on “Ross County F.C. 1 – 0 Aberdeen F.C.

  1. Daryl U
    February 26, 2013

    Not long in from the game, unbelieveable looking at the table right now! Definitely not the best game, and Boyd looked in a world of his own tonight. Vigurs and Brittain struggled also. Oikonomou was different class, he’s a real find! Solid at the back, strong going forward, not afraid to try a little flick now and then.

    Fortuately, i really like macaroni pies! Try explaining the concept of them to english people though, can’t get their heads round it!

  2. weefuse
    February 26, 2013

    Twitter is all abuzz (again) about Paul Lawson- nine games back in the team, nine games unbeaten!

    If we finish in the top 4 I might have to adjust my vacation plans next spring to take in- dare I say it?- a European match?!

  3. Daryl U
    February 26, 2013

    Lawson, Munro, Oikonomou and Kovacevic were the best players on the pitch, says a lot about what kind of game it was. If we lose Lawson in the summer, it doesn’t bare thinking about with Brittain already on the way out!

  4. F Ross
    February 26, 2013

    It’s my understanding that only Celtic go into the Champions League this season. Teams finishing 2nd and 3rd going into the Europa League along well as the Scottish Cup Winners.

    Amazing run by County, but what would really make it a truly great season would be three wins in the next three games, ICT, Celtic & ICT away.

  5. Adam
    February 27, 2013

    Where is the traditional Ross County is X points off/on the pace of 38 points I thought they needed to stay alive this season? Oh right, they’ve passed it!

  6. Daryl U
    February 27, 2013

    F Ross: You’re right, but Celtic’s achievments in the CL this season should up our co-efficient enough to get a 2nd from next season!

  7. F Ross
    February 27, 2013

    Daryl, The gap between Celtic and the rest is too great to warrant a second place in the CL. I can’t see it happening until Rangers return to the SPL.

    I have a question. If RCFC qualify for Europe, will they be required to make further improvements to Victoria Park?

  8. weefuse
    February 27, 2013

    From what I can piece together from UEFA’s byzantine stadium criteria most of what RCFC would have to do in terms of improvements would not have to do with seating capacity, floodlights, or pitch size, but rather with making enough room/technology available for press, broadcasters, etc.. Logically speaking one would think that some sort of temporary arrangements could be made (portacabins, for example) in such a situation, but experience tells me that UEFA would find a reason not to allow that. Thus, I think the more likely (than making permanent changes) scenario would be to play the matches at Pittodrie in Aberdeen, otherwise only Hampden, Ibrox, and Celtic Park (and maybe Murrayfield) would remain as options.

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