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Ross County Rumor Update

Soon to be a Staggie?

Soon to be a Staggie?

Again, everyone remain calm, none of this information is being presented to you as fact, hence the “Rumor Mill” tag.

First off, lets start with some clarification.  It now appears that one of the two “Americans” from the Houston Dynamo who have been on trial in Dingwall is actually- GASP!- a Canadian!!  Specifically, Canadian international defender Andre Hainault.  Hainault “ticks all of the boxes” in terms of what kind of player the club has been after since the beginning of the season:  tall (6’2″), still in the prime of his career (26), eligible (a current Canadian international who has already played in Europe- in this case in the Czech Republic), etc..  As far as how I “rate” Hainault, I think his best attribute- he’s never been afraid to get “stuck in,” may be his greatest problem as welll- he can tend to be a bit naive with some of his challenges and that sometimes puts him in danger of picking up senseless bookings.  The only other problem with signing the red-headed Hainault is that Scott Boyd already has the best nickname- the Ginger Pele!

Second, the rumors about former Tromsø IL left back Hans Åge Yndestad joining the club continue to persist and as far as I can tell from Google translated Norwegian news stories and statements by his agent, they seem to be getting more specific.  Namely, that he wants to sign with County and that he is already on his way to/in Scotland in an attempt to make that happen.  Obviously, the club has not said anything regarding the player.

Finally, there may be a German (or a player from a German club) in the mix.  How’s that for vague?


7 comments on “Ross County Rumor Update

  1. Martinovich
    January 7, 2013

    This Messi kid seems to have some staying power.

    • weefuse
      January 7, 2013

      He’s got no right foot, in a few years you’ll be wondering what ever happened to him.

  2. canada
    January 9, 2013

    I’ve never heard of Hainault refereed to as the ginger pele.

    Since this rumour has been posted in Canada, most supporters have been pretty disappointed as this have been viewed as step down from playing for Houston. Houston won the league in 2008, were MLS cup winners in 2006 and 2007, have been cup finalist for the past two years and have advance to the knockout stage of the concacaf champions league for this year.

  3. weefuse
    January 9, 2013

    Perhaps I worded that poorly- County’s Scott Boyd is known as the “Ginger Pele.”

    No doubt that Houston is among the best clubs in MLS and if they were transplanted into the SPL they would surely be one of the top two or three clubs, so I can see how Canada supporters could see it as a step down.

    That being said, I can’t see Hainault being on trial as a “lark.” Either Houston has told him they don’t want him and are willing to let him go permanently/will loan him out until the MLS season begins, or he wants out for some reason.

  4. papabear
    January 9, 2013

    I believe Hainult’s contract is up in Houston. I think they would be happy to have him back, but it’s pretty crowded at CB for Houston and they probably aren’t willing to pay him very much(more like cant pay much with the MLS salary cap).

    He was third in the pecking order at CB behind the entrenched Bobby Boswell and Jamaican Jermaine Taylor at the end of the year. There’s also a couple of promising youngsters who could push for time in the next year or two. He also played some RB, but talented youngster Kofi Sarkodie has really taken over that spot. Hainult is much better CB anyway. He’s good in the air, and won’t lose many physical battles. His stamina is legendary. Teamates called him “droid” because he never gets tired. He can struggle a little in space 1V1 but usually positions himself well enough to avoid trouble.

    I would actually prefer Hainult stay in Houston to replace Bobby Boswell, but the salary cap makes that hard to do. Hainult is the kind of a guy who’s easy to pull for. I’ll be pulling for him no matter where he ends up.

    • weefuse
      January 9, 2013

      He is out of contract with Houston and based on the “tone” of the article on the Dynamo website they’re basically not interested in having him back unless- as you say- he is willing to take a significant pay cut. Not that he’s going to make much if he signs with County- they essentially pay a set wage and only offer 1 year deals- players can basically sign or not, there’s not really any negotiating.

      Finances aside, his stamina and physical play would fit right into the SPL and if he had a good half season he might find himself able to move on to an SPL side with deeper pockets or even a club at the top of League One or the bottom of the Championship.

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